My Favourite Links


The Tartan Pages Scotland's Internet Directory

Scotland On-line  Find anything on clans, history, soccer etc.

Scotland Org.    Anything on, history, entertainment etc.   

  Filte - Gaelic Scotland Learn about Gaelic places and culture

Gaelic Scotland A site dedicated to and about the Gaelic language and culture

Scotland Forever  Famous people, history, photo gallery etc.

The Clans and Tartans of Scotland All about clans, their tartans and history

The Scottish History Tour   Find out about Scotland's History through other links

Cyber Scotland  Find out about Scottish traditions, the people etc.

Essential Scotland   Articles on Scotland's Heritage (Watch out, some of them are                                                  looong)

The Highlander Web Magazine  Scottish Internet Radio, Shopping Mall etc.

Virtual Glasgow  All about Glasgow,City Guide,  send a postcard to a friend etc.

Royal Stuarts   Find information about the Stuart Monarchs, a timeline on events during                                         the Stuart Dynasty etc.

Scotweb - The Best of Scotland  Whiskey, geneology, all about it

Isle of Skye Website Photos and other great stuff about Skye


Nessie - The Wee Monster

Nessie On The Net  Photo gallery, Interactive stuff, Blethers (chats), videos etc.

The Legend of Nessie  Facts, pictures and of the most concise sites on the                                                           net

The Lore of the Loch   Showing you both sides of the mystery, links to other Nessie sites


The Clans

The Virtual Castle of Clan Gregor   About the MacGregor clan all over the world

The Celtic Gateway   Celtic information on the web; the Celt's origin,                                                       Mc versus Mac etc.

Electric Scotland   Learn all about the clans of Scotland and their history,                                                their conflicts etc.


Famous Scots

Braveheart's Stirling  Great site on Scotland's beloved, famous, historical heros and                                                            villains
Billy Connolly   All about Billy Connolly, the Scottish comedian, actor and humanist

Sean Connery   Great sites of THE Scotsman



Songs, Music & Dance Information and links about Scottish dance, music, songs

Capercaillie  My favourite Scottish group

Other Scottish Groups Wolfstone, Tannahill Weavers, Ossian and Deaf Shepherd


Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery  Links to great photos of beautiful Scottish scenery 

Greeting Cards

Scotland Greeting Cards

Christmas Greeting Cards

Glasgow Greeting Cards



The Flags of Scotland  Learn about all the flags of Scotland, their names and "looks"